Thanks to this feature you will be able to lock your app wholly or partly. The locked content will be accessible for authorised users only. We are going to see how to set up this feature.

First, you have to add the Padlock feature to your app, click on Padlock Pro from “Add pages” to add this feature to your app:

Unlock by:

  • “QRCode“: Generate a QR Code that, once scanned, will unlock the padlock:

  • “Account“: Unlock the padlock to some accounts. You have to allow accounts manually in the “Users” tab:

  • “Lock the entire application?“: If you choose “yes”, your whole app will be blocked. With this option, you can create a private app. It’s useful, for example, to force your users to create accounts, if you set “Allow all the users by default” and “Lock the entire application” to “yes”. If you choose “no”, you will just block some pages of your app.
  • “Choose the features to lock“: Here you can check the features you want to lock with Padlock if you set “Lock the entire application?” to “no”.

WARNING: Before submitting an app, create a user (without mentioning “test” or “demo”) with authorised access. Then, when you publish your app on iTunes Connect just fill out this info in the user demo fields to let Apple reviews what is behind the padlock feature.

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