With the places feature, you will be able to create a list of geolocated locations.

This will display each location on a map, or, if the app user opens a particular location, the app user will be able to get the directions, by walking or driving.

The list of the locations is sorted according to the distance between the locations and the user, from closest to farthest. - Edit: This has now been changed. Places can be sorted according to distance, date, by your choice or alphabetically. Find out more here.

Click on in the “Features” section to add the feature to your app:


Click on + to add a Place:

Once you have created a place, enter an address for this location and/or its coordinates (The Google autocomplete should help)

If you check the “Display address” checkbox, the address will be shown on the page with the location.

If you check the “display location button” checkbox, it will display a button that will allow the user to navigate to this location.

In order for this function to work, you will need to ensure your Google Maps API Key has been correctly added within settings. 

When you are done, click on Save to add the location.

Once you have added your locations the feature should look similar to the below screenshots:

Add Categories

You can also assign categories to your added locations

You can assign one or more categories to each location simply by choosing the category when adding the location.

Once you have added and assigned your categories the feature should look similar to the screenshot below: 

Settings & Options

In the settings tab you’ll find 3 options:

  • Default page
    • All places: This will display all locations, sorted in order of distance from the user. 
    • Categories: This will display the categories, which when selected will display only the locations within that category
  • Distance unit
    • Kilometres
    • Miles
  • Default layout (the default layout will apply to both categories and places but once the app user has made a different selection the default layout will not affect these)
    • List: This will display your places or categories in a list format
    • Two columns: This will display your places or categories in a grid format with two columns
    • Three Columns: This will display your places or categories in a grid format with three columns
  • Places image priority in the list
    • Thumbnail > Illustration
    • Illustration > Thumbnail
  • Default pin for new places
    • Pin 
    • Thumbnail
    • Illustration
    • Google default pin

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