Using your Existing Google Maps API

How do I get my own Google Maps License?

1. Go to

If you already have one, here is Google's guide for existing users:
2. Select "Get Started"
3. Select all three Google Maps Platforms (Maps, Routes & Places)
4.Enter in your App Name in the Project Name
5. Follow instructions to create billing account if needed.
Note: At this point, Google may also make an offer for a £300 trial of Google Cloud Products. Google has confirmed this is separate and you will not be charged for any Google Cloud Products unless you use them. 

6. Continue the Google Maps set up to receive your API Key. Save this key.

7. Click the 'API Console' link in this popup.

8. Scroll to "Key Restrictions" and select “HTTP referrers (web site)” under Application restrictions.
9. Next, under “Accept requests from these HTTP referrers (websites)” enter the following requests:

  • * and *
  • and
  • and
  • All of your PWA Custom Domains you wish to attribute to this key. 

10. Save and your API Key will update automatically (no need to recopy it)

11. Now you just have to copy and paste your API key in your editor in  Settings > APIs

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