The Form feature allows you to build custom and efficient forms using various formatting and input options.

To create a form, click on    in the Features section of your build dashboard.

Form Settings

In the 'Recipient emails' field, you can enter multiple recipients by adding and separating each e-mail address with a comma:,,

In-app history enables users who have signed up and logged in to see their previous submissions through the form. You can enable this by checking the enable in-app history box. 

Note: the in-app history is only available for users who have signed up and logged into the app, all submissions made when the setting is off are not saved in the user history. However, they are saved in the admin tab and sent via e-mail.

Form Fields

In order to add fields, build and customise your form, you will need to choose from the fields that are available:

Fields are grouped into two sections: Formatting elements & Input elements.

These work as follows: 

Formatting elements:

Title (section, divider): This will allow you to create contrasting titles or labels.

White space (spacer): This will add a white space (20px) between any fields.

Illustration: This will allow you to add an image in the form.

Richtext (block): This will allow you to create a paragraph text box anywhere within the form.

Clickwrap (action, agreement): This will add a checkbox which, when clicked, will open a model with either a custom agreement or the application privacy policy.

Input elements:

Number: This will add a number input with options, minimum, maximum and step increments.

Dropdown select: This will add a dropdown box with a multiple selections.

Radio choice: This will add a list which will allow you to select an option from multiple options

Checkbox: This will add a checkbox.

Password: This will add a field which allows you to enter a password (the entered text is not visible).

Text input: This will allow you to add a single line text box.

Text area: This will allow you to add a multi-line text box.

Pictures (images): This will allow the user to send up to 10 images, this limit is configurable from within your dashboard.

Date: This is a date field with formatting options.

Date & time: This is similar to the date field but also allows you to enter a time.

Geolocation (GPS, georeverse): This is a clickwrap action. When the app users check this box, their location is saved and georeversed (the georeverse field will require a google maps API key).


In the results tab, you will be able to see the app users submitted responses.

You can also export these results as a .CSV file.

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