Code Scan

The Code Scan feature will allow your users to scan a QR code within the app, which will allow them to access specific content.

To add this feature to your app, just click on; 

 in the Feature tab of your app dashboard.

A QR code is simply data which has been encrypted as an image. When you use your QR Code Scan, the feature will allow you to access the data that the QR code has been linked to. It can be a URL outside of the app, an image or even just some text.

A QR code would look like this: 

Every QR code is unique and relates to specific content and can be generated using a QR code generator, such as the following: or

Please note: When you add the QR Code Scan feature, the icon will not be displayed in the Editor Previewer on the right. This is normal, and it will be displayed once the app is published.

The QR Code Scan will allow your users to:

– unlock discount QR coupons.

– unlock the Padlock.

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