QR Coupons

The QR Coupons feature will allow you to create discount coupons which can be scanned to unlock. Once unlocked the app user can use the coupon whenever they want.

Until the QR code has been scanned (using the Code Scan feature) the QR coupon will not appear within the app. 

The business owner will need to create a QR code discount, after which the feature will generate a QR code, which they can then distribute in many ways, e.g. Printing out and showing to premium customers, adding to a newsletter or adding it to a website. 

To add this feature to your app, just click on 

 from the Features tab within your dashboard.

Click on 'Create a New Discount' to begin creating your QR code coupon.

You can then enter a title and description for your QR code to provide the app users with a detailed explanation of what they can earn by scanning the QR code.

Following this, you can set conditions for the QR code as well as selecting whether it is only useable once or if the app users can repeat the use of this QR code discount.

Once the QR code is generated you can right-click on the image and save the QR code.

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