The Link or Links feature allows you to add webpages to your app which can be linked using a hybrid browser (in-app browser) or that will open within the device's browser

To add the link or links feature click on:

within the Features section in your app dashboard.


To add a link you simply need to copy the URL of the site that you wish to connect to the app and paste it into the URL field. You can then decide between 3 options:

  • In-app browser: This will open the link using a hybrid browser within the app. You can then customise your settings for Android and IOS

  • Custom Tab: This will be opened within the app, however it will use a custom version of the browser your device uses (Chrome, Safari, Samsung Internet etc)

  • External App: This will open the phone's browser and then open the webpage within that browser

Design & Settings

If you are using the Links feature (not the singular link feature) you will be able to change the settings & design within the feature

Within the settings & options tab, you will be able to enable the search function so that app users can search from the links you have added to the app.

You can also add a cover image for this page.

You will also be able to change the background of the page within the design tab:

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