Custom Page

The Custom Page feature gives you a huge variety of page types that you can build into your app. You can write an article with pictures included, you could create a photo gallery, you can embed videos directly to your app, and you can add buttons to link one-touch calling or any external website.

Simply click on the custom page to add this feature. You can then name this feature whatever you want by changing the 'page name'.

Once you have selected the custom page feature you will be given the option to add sections. As you can see from the above screenshot, the custom page feature will be segmented by the independent blocks or sections you select.  

Below we will go through each section in detail.


Simply click on the text icon to open a new text box where you can write your text.

You can add an image to your page's text by clicking on the add image icon as highlighted above.

You can add an external link to a website or email address by clicking the above-highlighted link icon.

You will have to choose the URL type and insert the URL to link this web address to the custom page:

You can also insert HTML tags by selecting the source mode with the source button.

The HTML tags allowed are 'img' and 'iframe'. Any other type of HTML which you add will be automatically removed as they are incompatible.


Creating a photo gallery is as simple as adding text items to your custom page. You can do this by clicking on the image icon and then adding pictures:

You can add a description of your picture or pictures if you want. 


Another simple and easy to use section is the video section. Like all the other sections you simply need to click on the video icon and attach your video's URL. 

You can choose to upload a video from youtube by entering the youtube URL, upload a video from a podcast by entering the podcast URL (.xml formate) and then selecting the video you want to integrate or uploading your own video by using a private URL.

Once you have added the video URL you can add a loading picture and also write a description to go with your video.


With the location feature, you can add a button which will enable to app users to locate any address you add to the custom page.


With the button section, you can add a button to make a call, access an email or open a website/url of your choosing.


With the attachment sections, you can add any files you want to your custom page (e.g a PDF file)


With the slider section, you can add several images to create an image slider in your custom page


With the cover section, you can add a cover to this custom page.

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