The image feature allows you to create galleries using Instagram, Flickr or your own images. 

You will need to create and fill in the corresponding API keys to enable your photo galleries. You can find out how to create your social media API keys by clicking here

Once you have created these API keys you can add them by going to 'settings > API keys'


To create a gallery from Instagram you will need the Instagram API key. Once you have added this to your app dashboard you will be asked to create a gallery name. This will only be visible from within your app and will not affect the Instagram profile. 

If there is an error with this gallery you must check that the API key has been created and added correctly. 


As with Instagram, the Flickr gallery also requires an API key. 

Within the Flickr gallery, you will be asked for a Gallery name, there is also the option for a search feature which will retrieve all images that are relevant to this search.

My Images

To create a gallery from your own images first name your gallery and click on send your pictures.

Then click on browse to upload pictures from your computer.

You can select from several photos at once. Just highlight all the pictures you wish to add from a particular folder.

You can add a title and description to each picture if you wish.

Once you have uploaded all of your images simply click Save to save your changes. 

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