Organisation Developer Accounts

Only your customer can set up their own developer account. During the process, Apple may even call your customer directly to verify their identity and confirm all the details they have submitted are correct.

We, therefore, advise you against setting up this account on behalf of your client.

To set up an Organisation Developer Account, there is an enrolment fee of $99 or £79, and this renews annually. To start the process, your customer will need the following at hand:

  • Their Apple ID (as covered in the first section).
  • Their business D-U-N-S Number (as covered in the previous section).
  • The authority to bind the business to Apple’s legal agreements.
  • A publicly available website. The domain name must be associated with their organisation.
  • Their own iOS device such as an iPhone or iPad.

The person who is registering must be the organisation's:

  • Owner/founder.
  • Executive team member.
  • Senior project lead.
  • Or have legal authority granted to them by a senior employee.

Your customer can set up an Apple Developer Account at:

and click on “Start Your Enrolment”

Once your customer has completed this process, Apple should send them an email usually within 24 hours confirming that their Apple Developer Account has been created successfully!

Important: It is advisable that the app name is the same name as the Organisation Developer Account. If the app name is different, Apple may require additional supporting documentation to prove that the app that is being published is owned by the organisation. Supporting documentation is covered in a later section of this guide

Once this is complete, the next step is to invite Eazi-Apps as a team member. 

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