Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Two-factor authentication is an extra layer of security for the Apple ID designed to ensure that the person who set up the Apple ID is the only person who can access their account, even if someone knows their password.

With two-factor authentication, your account can only be accessed on devices that are trusted like your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. See below:

Two Factor Authentications - Organisation Developer Accounts

2FA is triggered every time an Apple Developer Account is signed into. This impacts the Eazi-Apps publishing team as we have to sign in to the developer account to publish an app. We've gotten around this issue by ensuring that Organisation Accounts have added Eazi-Apps as a team member, this makes the following possible:

  • 2FA is triggered on the Eazi-Apps Apple ID and not on the customer’s Apple ID.
  • Therefore your client will not be prompted with 2FA on their device.
  • The Eazi-Apps Publish Team can proceed with the publishing of an app without any issues.

Two Factor Authentications (2FA) – Individual Developer Accounts

When it comes to Individual Developer Accounts, Eazi-Apps cannot be added as a team member. Therefore when the Eazi-Apps publish team attempts to publish an app on an individual developer account, they have to login in using the customers’ Apple ID and not Eazi-Apps Apple ID. This in turn will:

  • Trigger a 2FA prompt on the customer’s iOS device.
  • Require the 2FA code to be provided to the publishing team within 30 seconds before it expires.
  • Not be possible without live coordination with you, your client and the publishing team.
  • Not be possible as the Eazi-Apps Publish Team aren't able to communicate directly with your client.

This presents a problem when publishing from an individual developer account. 

The process to Overcome Two Factor Authentications (2FA) with Individual Developer Accounts

We have created a workaround that will involve you, the licensee, to communicate in real-time with the Eazi-Apps Publish Team when they are publishing your client’s app. This is how it works:

  • You, the licensee, will have to sign in to your Apple Device with your clients Apple ID.
  • 2FA will be triggered on your clients Apple Device to allow you to register your device. Your client will need to provide the 2FA code to you within 30 seconds to allow your device to be registered.
  • Once your device is registered, any further logins to the client's Apple ID will trigger 2FA verification on your device as well as your client’s device.
  • You will then need to contact Eazi-Apps Support so that we can co-ordinate the publishing of the app in real-time with you, the licensee.
  • You will need to provide the 2FA code in real-time as the Eazi-Apps Publish Team processes the publishing of the app.

We suggest adding your phone number as a 'trusted device' in your customer's account. You can do this by logging in to the Manage your Apple ID page with your customer's account, and going to Security > Edit > Add a Trusted Phone Number. This decreases the wait time on the phone while submitting the apps.

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