Providing Supporting Documentation

Apple has made it clear that Apple Developer Accounts have to be set up directly by the Organisation or the individual owner of the app. Multiple apps for different businesses cannot be uploaded to a single developer account.

Supporting documentation may need to be provided to Apple when publishing an app in the following circumstances:

  • If an app is published under an Individual Developer Account, the individual will need to prove that they are the owner of the business by providing supporting documentation. This can be challenging.
  • If an app is published under an Organisation Developer Account and the name of the app is not the same as the name of the developer account. 

An ideal scenario to avoid having to provide supporting documentation:

  • The app developer name and the app name match. For example, the app name is ‘Pizza City’ and the Developer Account is also ‘Pizza City’.
  • We highly recommend that the app name and developer name matches to avoid delays and issues with Apple.

However, we do recognise that sometimes supporting documentation will have to be provided. We have therefore created a template that your client can amend and send back to you.  Here are examples of additional documentation that will help get your clients’ app approved by Apple:

  • Apple appeal letter
  • Any formal documentation (i.e. registration documents) linking the developer to the business.
  • Bank statement with the business name and possibly the developer’s name.
  • Documentation from an accountant that can verify that the owners of the business.
  • Anything else that can link the developer to the business.

You, the licensee, will then need to send all this documentation to the Eazi-Apps Publish Team.

Here is a link an example of an Apple Appeal letter -

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