Commerce Pro

The Commerce Pro module is an enhanced version of the Commerce Module.This Module adds several features which we thought would be a great addition to the Commerce Module. 

Commerce Pro Setup

Commerce Pro Categories, Products and Options

Below, you will find a list of all of the features that Commerce Pro has in addition to the existing features it shares with the Commerce Module:

  1. Commerce Pro can be used for food ordering as well as other products.
  2. Simple Stock Management – You can set stock levels, once these are low the item will become unavailable.
  3. Min Quantity for Order – You can set minimum quantity for a new order.
  4. Max Quantity for Order – You can set maximum quantity for a new order.
  5. Shipping charges can be based on distance. A multiple distance radius can be added with multiple shipping/delivery prices.
  6. Products can be listed per store.
  7. Show stores on map.
  8. See all the products available in a specific store, this can be useful for stores with multiple branches.
  9. Delivery date/time slot selection on checkout.
  10. Table Service setting will allow you to create an app for restaurants that want their app to work with table service.
  11. Payment gateway added for South Africa (Payfast).

Once you have clicked on the commerce pro icon to add it to your app you will find the following set up screen:

You will need to add your store/s before adding your products. 

Once you have added your store's details you will have to set up the delivery details and the payment 

Once you have added your delivery and payment options, you will go to the 'settings' tab of the Commerce Pro feature. From your settings page you will first need to set up the information required from the app users when checking out:

Once you have added your preferred settings, you will find further settings by scrolling down:

As highlighted above, please ensure you add a tax rate as with each product you add to the store will need to have this tax rate associated with it. 

Hint: if your customer already factors tax into their product price you can create a tax with a 0% rate

Your next step will be to add your categories and products. To begin this process, navigate to the 'Catalog' tab within the feature:

You can then begin to create your categories by clicking the + icon.

Hint: You can add subcategories by first clicking on a category of your choosing and then clicking the + icon

Once you have added your categories you can move on to adding your products to these categories :

As you can see, you will need to add the Tax rate that you set up in the settings as well as the Store you wish to associate the products with. 

You can then add options to your products: 

For options where you add an extra cost (e.g. add a drink/add an additional product) you will use the 'My Product's Option' section. Once you have added your product's options you will need to select this list and then associate costs to each option:

To add a general list to your product (e.g. Sizes), you can use 'My Product's List Options':

Once you have added this and you are back on the main screen, you will have to go through and ensure each of these options are selected so that they apply to the product:

Once your products have been added you are good to go with your store! 

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