Progressive Loyalty

With the Progressive Loyalty feature you can create a loyalty program which will reward your customers as they buy from you. You can give your customers smaller rewards from the first points they earn, building up to a larger rewards later on. This can help to keep your customer's app users loyal by incentivising them to continue using the app. 

The Progressive Loyalty feature can be used in conjunction with the Commerce and Appointment features. 

Once you have added your Progressive Loyalty Feature, you will see the following set up page:

Adding Cards

To add a loyalty card, simply click on the + next to 'Add Cards', then fill in the fields: 

You will then go to the 'Rewards' section to configure the rewards that are earned by the loyalty card: 

You can add multiple rewards for one card (e.g. a free drink for 3 points, 10% off for 6 points and a free meal for 10 points).

Points Validation

Once you have configured your loyalty card you will go to the 'Validation' section to set up the names of the employees who can redeem points on this card: 

This will allow your customer to track the loyalty points that are being redeemed and also keep a record of which employee is redeeming them. This provides an extra layer of security. 


Finally you will need to configure the options for the Progressive Loyalty Card. 

You will be given the option to choose the source of the loyalty points. You can choose whether each stamp validates 1 point and the interval within which you can validate each point. 

You can also import the sales from the Commerce module and decide what a point/s is worth within this module. 

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