xDelivery is a feature which focuses on food ordering (although it can be used as a general merchandise feature).

Once you have added this feature to your app, you will see the following set up page:

From within the settings, you will set your display settings, your cart settings, your delivery times and your currency settings. 

Once you have filled in the info on this page, click on 'delivery/pick up' to complete your delivery/pick up settings:

You can then click on the 'payment method' tab, this page will give you a number of payment options to choose from, which you can enable/disable and customise:

Clicking on 'Products' or 'Orders' will open a new tab in your browser, on this tab you will manage your xDelivery store, including categories, products & orders.

Once you have clicked on 'Products' you will find yourself on this page:


From this new window you will be able to manage and add categories, add products, create attributes for products and add extra options (e.g. 'sauces', 'sizes' etc).

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