PWA Creator

You can now create and publish your own PWAs directly from your app dashboard! 

First, to activate your PWA Creator, you will need to fill in the following form:

Please note: We need the webapp link which you can find by going to Editor > Application or Settings > Design.

Once you have filled in the form, we will activate your PWA creator and you can begin publishing your PWA.

To begin, choose your app, then click on Modules and PWA Creator on the left hand menu:

If we have enabled your PWA Creator, you will find the following page: 

You will need to fill in all of the above fields with the relevant information.

The Meta title refers to the title of the HTML document which is displayed in Search Engine Results as well as the page's tab in browsers. 
The meta description is the snipper which will be used on search engines to summarise the PWA's content
The Meta Keywords are a type of tag which will appear in the code of the PWA to tell a Search Engine what the topic of your PWA is

These are very important components in your PWA and should be filled in accordingly. 

You will also need to choose the colour of your splash screen. This should match the colour of your logo or icon as this is what will display for app users when the PWA is loading. 

You can see an example below: 

Here you can see the logo is white with a blue background, so we found the colour of blue and applied it to the splashscreen. This prevents a white background with a blue square in the centre. 

Once you have completed the first page of the PWA Creator, you will click next in the bottom left hand corner:

On this page you will customise the pop up that will appear on iPhones, which request the app user adds the PWA to their homescreen. 

Clicking next will take you to the page where you will customise the pop up that appears for Android: 

Once you have filled in this page and clicked save, you will find the following page:

You can upload your icon here and click 'Publish your PWA' to complete the publishing of your PWA. 

Congratulations, your PWA is now live and ready to go! 

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