App Manager

With the App Manager, you can now manage your mobile app from within the app itself. 

|Once you have added this feature to your app, you will see the following screen:

From this screen, you will see all your app users and be able to choose who the owners of the app are. This will determine who can access the app manager and control the app as an admin. 

Once you have configured your app owners/managers, you can navigate to the next tab 'User Groups':

From this page, you will be able to create groups of users, so that you can easily send push notifications to the specific individuals who need to see that information, without having to select each one of them every time:

Once you have created your user group, they will display at the bottom of this page. Here you will see the group ID, the name of the group, the number of members, who is was created by and when it was created:

From within mobile app, the owner(s) will be able to access the App Manager feature. In the Push section of the App manager (The area you will send push notifications from), you will be able to select your groups for push notifications:

Once you have sent out a push notification, you will find this displayed under the 'Push' tab on the app editor:

Here you will be able to see all of the sent push notifications, with the target devices, the target users, the status and the sender.

Within the next sections of the App Manager feature, you can control Gallery, News, Events and Discounts in the same way. You will be able to view and edit the information that is stored on the app quickly and easily without accessing the backend CMS.

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