In-app Messages

This feature allows you to display messages to all/specific users within the app. It has a pop-up format and can be triggered upon launching the app.

To add In-app Messages feature, click on the icon from the feature list:

Add a new message by clicking on the plus icon.

You will need to add the title and content for your message. It is also possible to add a cover image for the message. Choose something that drives attention and supports the message

Click on the arrow right to continue.

You can send your message to:
  • All users
  • Specific users
  • Specific topics (you will need Topics feature enabled)

Simply check the relevant option and select users/topics you wish to include and click on the arrow right to continue.

In the Additional Information section, you can set the message expiry date (message will not be displayed after the date/time set). 

You can also set the message to be sent immediately or on a specific date/time, simply set the required settings within the calendar.

In-app Message upon app launch.

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