Folders feature allows the creation of a multi-tiered folder system and feature groups within the app.

To create a feature, click on Folders icon from the feature list:

Creating a Folder

First, you will need to give a name and a subtitle for the folder.

Override layout.
This is a setting that you can apply across the feature. You can choose the layout and appearance for your folders within the 'design' section. You can also choose a different setting for any specific folder if required.
Click on the plus icon to create a subfolder. Similarly, to the folder settings, you can modify the subfolder including the layout, cover, and thumbnail images. Click on the pencil icon next to the folder you would like to edit. To re-arrange the folders, simply drag and drop them. This way you can create up to 12 layers of the subfolders.
Adding features to a folder.
Select a folder you’d like to add some features to. Please be advised that you can only add the features you have already created. 

To add a feature, scroll down to the next section called ‘Available features to add inside folders’. Click on the features you wish to add to that folder and it will disappear from the list of available features and appear within ‘Your Pages’ list at the top.
Note: You can only add a feature to one folder.

Editing Features

If you wish to manage the features within the folders, you will need to open the folders containing those features and edit the feature as normal. You can access your main feature list by clicking the Home icon at the top left within 'Your Pages' section.

Any feature can be removed from the folder by clicking on the cross at the top right of the feature icon. Please note, if the feature is within the folder, it will not be deleted from the app, only from that folder.

Folder Appearance

You can customise the appearance of your folder via the Design section. Here you can choose the layout within your folders, as well as upload background images.

You can also enable/disable search within folders, allow line returns in Titles & Subtitles and select card design option to be used within this feature.

Card Design Enabled / Disabled

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