The audio feature allows to integrate audio files from resources like iTunes and even upload your own audio files.

You can add the Audio feature by clicking on the Audio icon from the feature list:

Add a new playlist by clicking on the plus icon:

Add a cover image and name for your playlist.

Next, you can choose the source for your playlist.

There are the following options available:

  • iTunes
  • Podcast
  • Custom


To add music from iTunes, click on the iTunes icon

In the pop-up, you can search for music by:
  • Artist
  • Album name
  • Track title
Enter the relevant keyword and click ‘ Search’:

Select the required album name and choose tracks you wish to add to your playlist. Once selected, click Add to create the playlist.

To add audio Podcasts, click on the Podcast icon:

Enter the podcast URL and click Search. You can use our example URL for testing:

Click ‘ Add’ to add podcasts into the playlist.
NOTE: you can use the following website to get RSS URL from many services:


With custom option, you can upload your own audio files:

Please note, you will need to have your files hosted somewhere. You can also use the Media uploader to host the files on the CMS.

You will need to add the following details for your audio file:
  • Artist name
  • Album
  • Title
  • Add the URL to MP3 file

Once completed, click Accept and Save.

You can add several playlists to the app by following the same processes. Any playlist can be modified via the 'Manage Content' section (click on the pencil icon next to the playlist). To delete that playlist, click on the X:

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