With the CabRide feature you can now create an "Uber-Like" service within your app. 

There is a template & a layout to go with this module, both of which are designed to function well with the CabRide feature, however CabRide is functional with any layout! 

To use this feature you first have to make sure you have added a Google Maps API key and enabled the following APIs:

Directions API
Distance Matrix API
Geocoding API
Maps Javascript API
Places API
Maps Static API

Configuring your CabRide Module

Once you have added the CabRide module you will find the following page:

You can click on 'Dashboard' or 'Settings' to go to the CabRide set up page. 

You will also find that there is a new CabRide sub-menu added to your left hand menu:

You can use this menu to set up or edit your CabRide Module.

The first thing to do when setting up your CabRide module is to add in your settings. 

Please note: You must add an admin email otherwise the CabRide module will not work.

Here you can set up your localization settings and currency, your rides and your payment preferences. 

You can set a middle point for the map, however it is generally best practice to leave this blank so the map goes directly to the customer's location when they open the cabride feature. 

Currently, the only payment gateway that is accepted is Stripe, however you can add the option for Cash payments. 

Further down the page you can decide whether drivers can register and whether passengers need to fill in a custom form for each trip (this is useful to find out how many passengers will be on the journey) 

If you do not set the ability for drivers to self register, they will need to register as passengers. At this point you can go to the 'Passenger' menu and change them to a driver.

Once you have filled in your settings you will need to set up your vehicle types:

To set up a vehicle type, you will need to give this vehicle category a name e.g. Hatchback, Sedan, SUV. Once you have done this you will need to set a base fare for each vehicle type, this is the minimum amount that will be charged, regardless of journey distance. You then need to set up a distance fare and a time fare, these are the prices that will be charged per km/mile and per minute. 

Once you have completed this your CabRide module is set up. You can make this available from your menu and allow drivers to begin signing up. 

To manage your drivers you can go to the 'Drivers' tab:

Before accepting any passengers the drivers will need to select their vehicle type, vehicle model, license plate/registration number, driving licence number and base address. 

You can also add these details for the driver by clicking 'Edit':

To set a passenger as a driver, simply go to the 'Passenger' tab and click 'Set As Driver':

You will then find this person in your 'Drivers' list. 

Once everything is set up, passengers will be able to request rides and drivers will be able to accept. 

You will also be able to track the amounts earned via the 'Dashboard' and the 'Accountancy' tab of your CabRide module:

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