Classifieds V2

With the Classifieds (V2) you can create a "gumtree or Craiglist" type of advertising channel within your app.

To use this feature, you have to create a Google Maps JavaScript API: Click here to learn how to create this API key.

To begin, just click on 'Classifieds V2' to add this to your app. 

Once opened you will have to set up the 'Form Fields'. These are the fields that need to be entered when an app user is posting an ad. There are a number of defaults fields and any fields that you add will appear beneath these default fields. 

Once you have set up your form fields, you will need to create your categories:

These will enable your app users to properly find items for sale and upload their items for sale so that they are easily found. 

Finally you need to enter your settings:

You can set the default front page for Classifieds V2 to be the map or a list of all items. 

If you choose list, users will be directed to a page similar to the below screenshot:

As you can see from this screenshot, users can search and filter the results that appear on the list. 

You can also set the city to be the default map centre. This will mean if you choose map it will also centre around the chosen city. 

Finally, you can set adverts to be automatically posted or you can enable manual ad moderation.

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