Appointments Pro

With the all new Appointments Pro module, you are able to create a beautiful appointment/reservation system, native to your app. Whilst this is not designed to be embedded on a website, there is the opportunity to embed it as an iframe with similar proportions to the mobile version. Contact support for further information.

Appointments Pro - Part 1 (Feature initial setup)

Appointments Pro - Part 2 (Dashboard)

You will be able to set multiple locations, services and providers. Each location can have custom services for that particular location and each provider can have specific services that they provide. 

Once you have added Appointments Pro to your app you will see the following set up page:

As you can see from the above, you will need to first complete your settings. This includes your booking settings as well as date & time settings as well as cancellation settings & currency settings.

Please note: If you wish to enable classes you will needed to select either Class Booking or Both Booking under Booking Settings. 

Once you have completed your settings, you will be able to set up your payment options:

Currently the available payment methods are shown above. 

When you are ready to add your locations, categories, services and providers, you will click on 'Dashboard'. This will open a new page:

From here you will be able to see statistics regarding your appointment feature as well as using the tabs on the left hand menu to set up your appointments.

Your first step will be to set up the locations within which the appointment feature needs to operate:

You will need to enter the name, email address (This will help with appointment booking notifications), adress and location of the business. When you enter the location, you will be given a drop down from which you can select your location - this gives the location a pin on Google maps and lets app users know exactly how far the business is. 

Please note: A Google Maps API key is required for your location to appear. You can add this in settings > Google maps API Key

Once you have created your location you will need to assign business hours to the location:

You can do this by clicking 'manage', then clicking the 3 dots next to the location & clicking on 'Business Days'.

You will first need to select the days that the business/location is open and then choose the open/start time and the close/end time. 

You can also add public/bank holidays, other holidays and general closed dates in the section at the bottom. This will mean no appointments can be booked on the days the business/location is closed. 

Please note: Without opening hours for each location, the locations will not enable bookings

Once you have completed your location/s you will need to add your services categories. 

If the appointments within this booking category are classes, then you will select class. For individual bookings (e.g. a haircut) you will choose service. 
Click active to have this category displayed within the feature. You can also have it displayed on the front page of the Appointments pro module by clicking 'Display at home'.

Once you have added your categories, they will display as follows:

Your next step is to create your services (or scroll down for classes if you have no services).

To add services click on 'Services' and then 'Add':

You will need to add a Name & Price for your service (add 0 to the price if it is free to book). You can also add a Special Price, you can add a start and end date for the price, thi swill automatically add & remove the special offer price for you.

Once you have filled out the options for the services you will need to select the location within which each service operates. 

Please note: Not selecting a location for each service will mean that service will not show up when using the Appointments Pro module

Once you have added your services they will appear as follows: 

Once you have completed this you can add Classes (scroll down to providers if you do not have any classes):

Once you have completed your classes, they will appear as follows:

This will also show you how many seats/spaces you have available within that class. 

To complete the set up of your appointments module, you will need to add your providers:

As with services, you must assign a location to a provider and set them as active for them to be available through the module.

Your Appointment booking system is now set up and should look like this in the app:

In-app management of appointments

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