2. Compatible Printers

Our Food Print feature provides you with the opportunity to deliver food ordering systems with thermal printer integration. This feature works with XDelivery and Commerce Pro and has its own settings and configurations. To utilise the Food Print feature, you will have to build your stores in advance of configuring the Food Print feature.


There are 2 compatible printers that work with Food Print. They are the Goodcom GT5000SW and the Goodcom GT6000GW.

Both these printers are very common thermal printers used in the food industry and can be found via a local distributor in your country or Alibaba. You can also contact support as we may have stock in-house. To order direct, you can contact Ivy from Goodcom by WhatsApp at +86 182 5080 6089. You can also download their after-sales service letter of commitment here. The cost is between $100 - £150 + delivery charges. The GT5000SW is the cheaper of the two and also bigger. Both these printers support Wi-Fi, GPRS and Ethernet connectivity. 

You can also connect to the printer settings via http://goodcom.cn/dl/login.php.  To access the settings via this URL, you will need to get the terminal id from the settings on the printer. This is important and we will cover this in more detail further on in this article.

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