1. Feature Overview

The ordering process is very easy for the business to manage and provides a smooth and seamless experience for the customer.

Before we get into configuring this feature, here are a few points regarding the process:

  • Once the Food Print feature has been configured, the restaurant will be able to accept or reject the order via the printer.
  • The restaurant can also accept or reject an order via a secure area within their mobile app.
  • When the order is placed, the customer will request a preferred delivery time. 
  • When the restaurant accepts the order, they can modify the delivery time and the customer is notified.
  • If the business rejects an order and the customer has paid via PayPal, the customer will be automatically refunded. In the vast majority of cases, orders are accepted by the restaurant.
  • Automatic push notifications and emails can be configured within the Food Print settings in the editor to notify the restaurant and the customer during the ordering process.

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