3. Setting up the Food Print Feature

Before you start, you will have to build the shop in either XDelivery or CommercePro. Please do not proceed any further until you have done this. Once you have completed building the shop, add the Food Print feature to your app. When you go into this feature for the first time, you will be presented with the ‘General Settings’ page. 

Once you have completed the above, additional settings will be made visible. Let’s go through each option as numbered above:

1. Select Foodprintv2 Status:

You can choose from 3 options here:

  • Auto (open or closed according to time slots)
  • Open (forced open forever)
  • Closed (forced closed forever)

This section can be updated later as required. For testing purposed, we recommend that you choose the ‘Open’ option.

2. Deliver Address on Homepage?

This is only relevant if the Commerce feature is used. As we have now upgraded the Commerce feature to CommercePro, you can select ‘mandatory’.

3. Select Receipt Delivery

You can choose to send orders to the printer or alternatively receive and manage orders only in the app. Select your preferred mode from the drop down menu. You can change this at any time and is very useful in the event that the printer becomes temporarily unavailable.  We will show how you can manage the orders via the app further on.

4. Order Fetch Date

If the business has already been taking orders, you can bring these orders into the orders section in the Food Print feature by choosing a date from when you want to collect this information. If you are setting this up for the first time and no orders have been placed, input todays date.

5. Current Estimated Processing Time shown in the App

This is only relevant if you are using the Commerce Feature (processing time would be displayed on the homepage). This is not relevant for CommercePro or XDelivery.  You can therefore set this to the expected processing time for reference (recommended setting 30 mins).

6. Processing Time Limit Warning

If the order is not accepted or rejected within this specified time, an email will be sent to restaurant advising that an order is waiting to be processed. (recommended setting: 10 mins)

7. Minimum Printer Ping Time Warning

The thermal printer performs periodic checks to verify the connection with the system. If the printer is disconnected for more than the specified time, a warning email will be sent to the restaurant. (recommended setting: 10 mins)

8. How many times send ping warning?

You can specify how many times you want the system to send a warning email advising that the printer is disconnected from the system. (recommended setting: 1)

9. Commerce Settings

This is where you can connect the Food Print feature to Commerce feature you have built your store on. Once this selection has been made, you won’t be able to change it unless you reset the system back to default settings. 

10. Select SMS Gateway

You can opt to have notifications sent out via SMS using TextLocal or Twilio. You will have to setup an account with TextLocal or Twilio and you will need to contact their support to get the relevant credentials to input into the CMS.

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