4. Adding a Printer to the Store

Once you have completed the initial settings (as above) and clicked ‘Save’, you will then see additional settings where you can complete the setup.  This is the page you will see:

You need to navigate to the settings section to add the printer to your store. This section needs to be completed.  Beneath the initial settings that you have already configured, you will see the printer management section as below:

IMORTANT: You have to setup the printer section even if the business is choosing to manage orders via the app.

You will have to enter in a:

  • Printer Name – assign any name to the printer
  • Restaurant ID – assign an 5 digit numerical code of your choice
  • Password – assign an 5 digit numerical code of your choice

You will also have to:

  • Select the Shop
  • Select the INI File (for the relevant printer the business is using)
  • Select the Currency

You can see the image below as reference:

Once you have completed this section, click ‘Add Printer’. You will then need to navigate back to the Settings section and you will see that the printer has been added a below:

Next, click on the INI File (as above) and you will be prompted to save this file to your computer. You will need this file if the business wants the thermal printer connected to the shop. This is covered in the next section.

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