Publishing Info Overview

The Publish Step is crucial in the publishing & uploading process. This is where you'll fill in all the info that will appear in the App Store and Google Play listings once your app is live. When you publish an app for iOS, a "metadata" file is created at that very moment. This is sent to us as-is, and that file is used when we upload your app. If you make a change to the Publish step after publishing, it will not automatically update that metadata file.

Here is an overview of the Publishing Info Step:

1. App Store Info
Please check the platforms you would like to submit your app to.
2. Basic App Information

This section covers the majority of the app listing information. After you've filled out all the fields, make sure to click the Save button at the bottom right, otherwise your content will be lost.

  • First Name: Your client's first name.
  • Last Name: Your client's last name.
  • App Description: This field represents a short description, which typically covers a bit about the business, but this should primarily focus on how useful the app will be to the users. It is good to list a few features offered by the app.
  • App Keywords: This field indicates the search terms that are relevant to your app. These will help the users to locate your app if they plug keywords into the search bar. It is usually best to use industry-based keywords and the business name as well.
  • What's New in This Version: If you're updating your app, you'll detail what's available in the new version - for example, "Performance improvements and new features."
  • Official Website: The website URL for the business (must include https:// prefix).
  • Copyright: The copyright you'd like to appear in the App Store listing. Usually this is the business name, followed by the year (2021).
  • App Category: Select the most relevant industry from the drop-down menu. This will help properly categorise your app so users searching within that category are more likely to find it.
  • Contact Email: The email address for the business.
  • Phone Number: The phone number for the business.
  • Default Language: This should be set to the language the app description is in. Keep in mind, the text you provide (like all the other fields in the Publishing Info) will display as-is, so if you want the listing available in multiple languages, you'll need to add localisations before your app goes live. (Localisations cannot be added after an app is released.)
  • Industry Type: Industry Type.

3. Pricing and Availability
App Price: Though the majority of our Partners produce free apps, you can opt to charge for yours. Select the price from the drop-down to do so. Keep in mind, both Apple and Google Play take 30% of the profits from app sales, and priced apps tend to discourage users from downloading.

4. Apple Store Rating

Make sure you fill out each drop-down rating correctly. An improper rating can lead to a Metadata Rejection from Apple, so it's important to elevate the rating when necessary. Common reasons for upped ratings are mature/sexual content, drug/alcohol content, and violence.

5. Screenshots

Screenshots are snippets of your app that give potential users an idea of the features, layout and functionality. They'll appear in the App Store listing, and cannot be changed without updating the app.  Screenshots are only to be used for native iOS and Android applications.

  • Screenshots must be taken on an iOS device (or using websites such as AppMockUp or Appure to emulate an iOS device), or Apple will reject the app for displaying alternate platforms.
  • We recommend uploading at least 3-5 screenshots per device size. If you don't plan on publishing an iPad version, you can leave off the Tablet screenshots.
  • The best screenshots to take are of the home screen, the More menu, and an actual feature. This gives a good idea of the functionality, which is important.

Now all you need to do is head to the App Publish Wufoo form and once you've filled out all the required details, hit Submit.

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