With the Journal feature, you can now add notes & comment on other app user's notes. 

You can create notes with the following features:

  • Private Journals - This provides the ability for each app user to have their own Journal within the app
  • Mood - When posting a new note, the app user will have the ability to select a mood & the date and time of the entry (This option can be switched on or off by the admin)
  • Images - You can add pictures to each post added to the journal
  • Comments - On public journals, App users can enable comments for their journal (This option can be switched on or off by the admin)
  • Private/Public - Journals can be public or private depending on the needs (This option can be switched on or off by the admin)
  • Block users - if a Journal is public, the app user has the option to block certain users from viewing their journal
  • Favourites - App users can add public journals to their favourites list
  • Search - This provides the app user the ability to search within the journal feature 

Once you have clicked on 'Journal' under add pages you will find the following page:

From this page you will be able to configure your Journals feature.

You will also be able to change the language according to your needs. For example: 'Comments' could be changed to 'Responses' by typing 'Responses' into the 'Text for Comments' field. 

Once you have configured your prefferred settings here, you can click on 'Notes', if you wish to add a note directly from the dashboard.

You will also have the option to report a user. 

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