Review Campaigns

Review Campaigns

Important: This feature only works on native apps published after 20th March 2022. If your app was published before this date, it will require a republish. 

Reviews are an extremely powerful way of helping consumers make a buying decision. Research shows that 95% of customers read reviews before making a purchase, and 93% of customers will read reviews of a local businesses to determine its quality. (Source:

The Review Campaigns feature allows businesses to encourage app users to leave reviews based on their interactions within the app. The app owner can decide which review sites they would like their users to leave positive reviews on. Negative reviews bypass the review sites and are sent directly back to the app owner to take any action!

Here is a short video demonstrating the feature in action:

Here is a summary of how it works:

This feature also works with PWAs and WebApps but only email review requests are sent.

Step 1: Setup Trigger(s)

App users are sent a push notification and/or an email asking for a review based on optional trigger actions. Below are the various trigger actions:

  • First login inside the app
  • New device installed
  • First order placed
  • First coupon used
  • First loyalty point used
  • First appointment booked
  • CommercePro first order placed

Once the trigger has been selected, the push notification and/or email that is sent to the app user can be customised. The message delay can also be set.

Push notification settings:

Email setting:

[Note: if you set the time delay to 'immediately after trigger', it can take 5 - 10 mins for the push notification or email to be sent out. So please be patient!]

Step 2: Setup Review Sites

This is where you decide the sites that you want users to leave a review on. You will need to find the specific ‘review link’ URL for any site that you want to include, and you can also upload an icon for that review site.

Step 3: Customise the ‘Bad Review Email’

If a user chooses to leave a bad review, they are redirected to a custom form that they can complete. Once they have submitted their review, an email notification is sent to the app owner. The email that is sent is the ‘Bad Review Email’. This email can be customised.


In the log section, you can see which users have been sent a message and which trigger fired that message. This a very useful area to see the effectiveness of any triggers.

Background Colour and Settings

In the background colour and settings section, you can customise the text, icon and background colours.


The Review Campaign feature is an incredibly valuable feature to implement within an app. It is quick and easy to automate the process of requesting reviews from app users resulting in more positive reviews of your business!

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